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Is Vision Health Insurance Important?

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This page provides information to Canadians about vision health insurance.

I think we would all agree that a substantial amount of time is spent in front of computers these days, as our work and leisurely activities often involve the use of modern technology. Moreover, we are told that, without suitable eye protection, the sun’s UV rays can damage our retinas. These mere two facts make eye care an important consideration with regard to our health. Specialized vision health insurance coverage ensures that you and your family receive proper medical eye care.

Vision Health InsuranceVision health insurance has been designed primarily to provide necessary and qualified medical attention in order to maintain optimum eye care. Depending on the specifics of the policy selected, any or all of the following may be extended to the policyholder:

  • Routine eye examinations conducted by an eye care professional
  • Provision of prescription eye glasses, including frames and lenses
  • Coverage for the costs of contact lenses
  • Provision of non-prescription sunglasses deemed important for optimum eye health

Who would benefit from vision health insurance?
Eye health is a crucial matter for everyone. Guaranteeing the wellness of our eyes should be included in our overall health efforts. But while everyone would benefit from this type of insurance package, the following specific groups of people should definitely consider purchasing vision health insurance:

  • Those who belong to families with documented medical history of eye health problems, which renders them pre-disposed to certain eye ailments.
  • Those in manufacturing industries, especially those whose eyes are constantly exposed to the dangers of flying objects i.e. wood splinters, metal bits or glass shards.
  • Those whose jobs require constant handling of dangerous chemicals, such as laboratory staff or janitorial workers.
  • Those who work in the health care industry, where the danger of contracting ocular diseases is feasible.
  • Those who work around computers, where constant exposure to the radiation of the monitors can cause a particular eye problem known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Why is a specialty vision insurance package important?
Eye care insurance coverage for adults is not included under the health insurance plans provided to Canadians making it substantially important to supplement basic health insurance with specialized vision health insurance. This is especially true for those with a family medical history of eye problems, and for those who handle jobs that pose a potential hazard to their eyes.

People do not seek medical or professional care for their eyes everyday, but when they do, the costs are often overwhelming. Aside from the expensive tests and examinations, some individuals need supplementary surgical procedures. With specialized eye care coverage, you ensure that timely and pertinent medical attention is received, as funds will not be an issue.

Healthy vision is valuable. Doing all you can to protect your eyes is important, and although a little research may be required, a vision health insurance package, with reasonable premiums, can be obtained for you and your loved ones.