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Health Insurance Options - Q&A

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This page is intended to answer general questions about health insurance options.

Q: What health insurance options are available for me?
A: There are many health and dental insurance plans available, including basic health insurance from your provincial government. In addition, for those things the government medical plan does not cover there are other health insurance options. You can purchase precise coverage from private insurance agencies called Supplemental Health and Dental Insurance.

Health Insurance Options Q: What is supplemental health insurance?
A: Supplemental health insurance is health and dental insurance that you pay for by monthly premium. It is insurance that bridges the gap between what the government will pay for you and what is not covered by the government plan. Supplemental Health Insurance can offer you varied health insurance options for services not covered by the provincial health plan or that are only partially covered by the provincial health plan.

Q: How can I get dental insurance if I don't belong to a group plan?
A: If you presently belong to a group insurance plan, you likely have dental coverage for yourself and your family. If you do not have a group plan you can choose an individual plan that will typically cover regular cleanings, x-rays and other treatments. There is variety of plans with varying degrees of coverage.

Q: What are my health insurance options at the time of my retirement?
A: There are Health Insurance plans specifically for seniors, plans that the insurance company will be happy to help you with. However it is wise to think about health insurance benefits for seniors before you retire. There are insurance benefit packages specifically designed for seniors and early retirees.

Q: What can I do if my government medical plan doesn't cover eye exams?
A: Supplemental Health Insurance is available for such things as eye exams, eye surgery and correction lenses. The average coverage allows an eye exam every 24 months for each member on the policy. look for an insurance company that will give you this kind of health insurance options.

Q: What will the monthly premiums cost?
A: The cost of your monthly premiums depends upon the health insurance options that you choose and on who is to be insured. If for example you want to include the highest coverage of dental insurance the premiums could be much higher than the basic coverage. Generally the premiums are higher if you are older than if you are younger and are higher if you are a smoker. Some policies also take into account your medical history and family medical history to determine your premium. If you want to include all members of the family within that clause then again the premiums would be higher.

Q: What if I need dental surgery, dentures or bridges?
A: There is health and dental insurance policies that cover these services, but not all policies cover these costs. You need to ask pertinent questions when applying for health and dental insurance and to make sure that you understand what you are getting.

Q: Can I get coverage for my child or family member's dental braces?
A: This would be a part of supplemental dental insurance plan. The premiums are higher if you choose to include this in your policy. Not everyone needs to have braces, but if you feel it might be a necessity in the future, it would be wise to acquire this insurance as braces for anyone can be very expensive, a series of treatments can cost anywhere up to $20,000. A percentage of this is payable through dental insurance with a much higher premium. It is also taken into consideration as to whether it is a necessity or otherwise.

Q: How do I find a good insurance company?
A: Many insurance companies offer supplemental health and dental insurance, each province differs as does each insurance company. Do your research, get several estimates and compare what you get for the costs of premiums. Discuss it in detail with your insurance agent before making any commitment; make sure you understand exactly what the insurance company’s policies cover and the process. Do you have to pay first or does the physician or dentist apply directly to the insurance company? This can be a waiting game; it could take time for you to get the payment from the insurance company if you have to pay up front . It might be inconvenient for you to make such a payment at the time of treatment.

Dependable insurance companies may be billed directly from the medical source but you will have to present your doctor, medical practitioner or dentist with sufficient proof of your insurance coverage prior to treatment.