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Small Business Insurance Plans

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This page provides information to Canadians about the types of small business insurance plans.

When a company chooses a small business insurance plan for its employees the employer can choose one plan for the entire group, or choose different plans according to the needs of each individual. Some companies pay a portion of the premiums so that if an individual chooses a more expensive plan, the individual’s monthly cost (or pay deduction) will also be more.

Medical InsuranceWho to include
An employer may choose to cover all of its employees or all of the employees and their families. Employers can also include regular suppliers or contractors if they choose. Each individual should be given the option of refusing to be included in the insurance plan. An individual may not want the coverage, especially if they are already covered by an existing plan.

Once the list of members to be covered is established, a more complete list should be made that includes the birthdate, sex and social insurance number of each individual.

Choice of plans
If you are a single woman with no children, your needs may vary considerably compared to that of a forty-something man with a wife and two kids. Also an individual who wears glasses would be more interested in a plan with good vision coverage than one who does not.

Plans that are available include:

  • Dental (basic or enhanced)
  • Drug coverage (basic or enhanced)
  • Combination dental and drug coverage, (basic or enhanced)

Stand-Alones include:

  • Extended health care
  • Hospital
  • Hospital cash

Add-ons include:

  • Extended health care
  • Hospital
  • Hospital cash
  • Vision
  • Travel
  • accidental death and dismemberment

Other types of insurance for businesses
Business owners should also consider property and liability insurance. Property insurance protects the assets owned by your business from destruction or damage (includes the building and the equipment). Liability insurance protects your company from any lawsuits resulting from negligence that may cause injury to a customer or employee. It also protects your company from someone who is harmed as a result of using your service or product.