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The Canadian Medical Association: Who They Are, What They Do

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This page provides information to Canadians about the Canadian Medical Association.

Stated as one of the oldest organizations in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was created shortly after Confederation in 1867. Counting over 70,000 doctors, it is not only a very old group, but also the largest association of doctors in the country. The CMA has been behind some very important movements and changes in the medical field, and has a strong voice in the amendment of laws and systems that provide medical care to Canadians.

Canadian Medical Association

Campaigns and Lobbying
The Canadian Medical Association represents itself as a group of doctors working in the best interests of patients; their aim is to ensure that quality medical care is available to all. One of their most recent campaigns has been to raise awareness of the shortage of doctors in Canada and the number of people who do not have access to a family physician for regular medical attention. The association works with the government when it comes to addressing health-related issues.

The CMA is an activist group that lobbies the government to push for changes in the medical system. While some of their concerns regard patient care or lack of care, their efforts also have a political side. The CMA takes a strong stance on the state of Canada’s current medical care system, and although it has historically supported the existing system, it has recently shifted towards making changes to that system.

Services for Doctors and More
In addition to their efforts to resolve national medical issues, the Canadian Medical Association provides a wide variety of services to its member physicians including insurance and financial services, seminars, assistance with managing a medical practice and more. Members can receive discounts on a wide range of products and services aimed at helping doctors to better handle patient loads, travel requirements, and other related needs. The CMA offers benefits not only to practicing doctors but also to students and retired physicians as well.

The CMA publishes a magazine called Canadian Health, which provides valuable health information to the general public, along with interesting articles. They also publish a medical journal called The Canadian Medical Association Journal, which reports on the latest medical research and information.

MD Management is the CMA’s insurance and financial services company. It provides investment and banking services to CMA members as well as financial advice, planning and insurance coverage.

Current Programs
While relentlessly supporting doctors’ efforts to provide quality care, the CMA is currently involved in actively lobbying to improve health care for all Canadians, and has implemented various programs, such as:

  • Voices Into Action: a call to Canadian citizens to work with the association to push for changes to the health care system.
  • MD-MP Contact Program: an agenda that gets local doctors in touch with their MP in order to communicate and advocate for needed change and assistance at a grassroots level.
  • Member Outreach Program: a plan designed to connect with member doctors so as to get their input into the CMA’s activities and programs
  • Wait Time Alliance: a program co-founded by the CMA, which seeks to reduce the problem of long wait times for needed care.

The Canadian Medical Association provides a wide variety of tools, programs and services to assist doctors in doing their job well, and to help ensure all Canadians have access to the kind of quality care they expect and deserve.